Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the tall tails of tomorrow - part 2

Once we spent a good amount of time at Devanahalli and spoke to people from the many backgrounds that make up its puzzling lanes, we got down to creating a way to document these conversations and observations.  The book The Tall Tails of Tomorrow looks at the possibility of animals in folklore and becoming a fictional element for young readers as the urban kid finds himself becoming more and more remote from a life with animal husbandry and interaction with animals. It plays with small excerpts from animals in folklore and their modern juxtaposition. Scroll down to check out some illustrations that went into the book that I used to record the stories I found in Devanahalli-

(or click here for the book- http://issuu.com/malvikatewari/docs/thetalltailsoftomorrow?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222)

this gecko didn't make it to the book but it's kinda fun
hoping it'll shoot out a tongue someday

Figuring out how to draw monkeys took me a while..
it was the upward turn of the nostril.
 Then I realized that's the thing about certain people
that makes them monkeylike.

this dude here didn't make it either

nor did he, but i could use more of the
exaggerated limbs

nope. wha-at..?

those hands spell mischief to me

the old wise monkey 

and the stealthy little one

Then there were cows,

ek guy

do guy



the warning look wali guy

sabhya, bechaari bharatiya village belle guy

little brass bell guy


and funny camels

and a tortoise

and a fortune teller !

Click below to view the book:

                                                 Open publication - Free publishing - More animals

Or you can visit this link:


(Note: The date on the last page is written incorrectly, it's supposed to be 3rd March 2011)

Thank you for reading. No animals were harmed in the making of this book. 
                                    Though a lot were shamelessly stared at and disgracefully drawn.

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