Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pictures In Grey

Certain things that I can imagine in grey..

Kathak Ghungroos

Restless furniture that changes behind our backs

Grey matter sitting silent

Tendrils in the fern


Kaziranga, Assam

Actually,just about anything in the city of

Dying Lotuses
Sibsagar, Assam

Quiet Poultry
Mariani, Assam

The humming wind
Stone crevices, Bangalore

Indian Christian Cemetery, Bangalore

Waiting pans
Yelahanka Market, Bangalore


People I'd like to befriend
K R Market, Bangalore

Unending drains
Dhobi Ghat, Bangalore

Seasoned Feet
Dhobi Ghat, Bangalore

There's a kind of solace I find in greys, I suppose I don't do justice to many things by denuding them of colour, but there's no other way I can imagine them. 

Most pictures taken in Bangalore were part of the photography course in class. An important tip that came very handy (that you might already know) was to never click pictures with the greyscale/ black and white option on one's camera because this rids the picture of a lot of colour values that give it depth. Instead, click in colour and grey it down/ desaturate on a photo editor.
Kolkata is an experience I can't capture entirely in pictures, but I'll visit someday, just to give it a try.

And here's a little collage with found images of little grey things that I like to look at sometimes....

These, and anything to do with winters.

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