Tuesday, December 27, 2011


when i came in the way
of that faraway gaze
and my eyes met yours,
i swear it was-

and i was absorbed,
in those lethal orbs
and you seemed to hold
mine, with a power untold,
and i feared not that you'd look away
but that you'd consume my whole.

because when our eyes align
guided by some prophesied sign,
the entire world is shadowed
with dark. and it's narrowed
to something we can forget.

and when we look around
to see there's pure nothing to be found
for the world is shadowed with dark
and time revolves around us in more
pieces that we can ignore

and the only light that falls
on my eyes 
is the one that glows in yours.
and it sears.
and i let it.
for they say a wonder like this
happens in a billion years.

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