Saturday, December 3, 2011

about time

It's been a huge while since this blog came into being and had remained so, with
close to nothing on it. A few days back, it struck me how my blog,
rather the lack of it, puts me far behind the rest of the world. 

Not that that is a new thing, but there's far too much changing in the world everyday.

The little creatures on my desk are collecting dust.

There's more clutter and less space on my memory disk, my cupboard and my bookshelf
than I remember but I feel no better equipped to fight any aggressive predatory species -
physically, intellectually, instinctively, riddlewise or otherwise

The people I am grateful to know, love, hang out with and would give most things to
meet with do live and will in the near future live away from me.

The people who are most likely to live around me in the near future may need a place to know me
and the work I produce whether, in my personal life or in the work scene (the very mysterious,
totally intimidating, wonder-if-i'll-ever-earn-a-living, should I be grateful for anything with a desk and lunch tray,what-are-the-odds-of-ending-up-as-a-slimy-children's-librarian-in-a-stone-walled-library, the one with the elusive wage that lets me buy candy and presents for people, the never seen, work scene).

The tv networks I used to follow as a kid and myself are at war, thanks to their sudden love for utter dung.

The shape of my pillow is slowly morphing despite the erratic hours it sees the back/front/inside of my head.

The ratio of broken/ torn things with the hope to be fixed vs things given up on but occupying precious space vs new things with a disgraceful lifespan is tipping dangerously on both ends with a lazy sway in between.

I'm in my third year of design school already though the last time I checked I broke a methyl orange flask (the last one, meant for the entire class) in the Chemistry Lab in 11th grade. No, actually the last time I checked, I was 15 minutes late returning from the jungle gym because I was dodging alligators.

There are more and more books to be read and there's a new daily special everyday on the menu that I promise myself to order but give in to an old favourite.  There are new facts about the living world. There are new apps to pretend they heard them first. There are new one-liners to rebuke them.

There's always another glance that my favourite poems await.

There are alligators to conquer in playgrounds.

I'm growing up and refuse to see it.

There are all these reasons and many excuses that took a while to admit to myself,
but now that it's resurrected, 
I hope my blog makes the most of it and keeps me busy.
There's enough catching up to do with the world away from the desktop.
But if I ever need a diversion, I'll find this a space to linger in.

Do visit to see what I've been upto lately.

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