Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here's the work produced in the Illustration for Communication course,held recently in collefe. We used water colours and things! Such a welcome change in the classroom from laptop screens. Given to us was a word/phrase to root our illustration in.

Stuff I learnt and MUST remember next time:

 there no such thing as coming to class over-equipped, always get more material,
even if the seams of your bag say otherwise.

The light tables in college are mighty useful, yes they are, how was I not a fan before?

Always leave room around your illustration, don't frame in rectangles/squares,
chances are they will be cropped to be accommodated in
all sorts of shapes. Give them the versatility to be allowed that.

If working in more than one colour, use enough contrast.
What if the image were to be published in greyscale/ black and white?
The individual grey values will stand out only if there's ample contrast.

Have to learn to work with more than one colour. Heck, learn to use colour!
Once in a while, i should try going crazy with vibrance, there's a spectrum at my disposal.


line in ink

silhouette in pencil

pen and water colour

pen and water colour

grey pen and water colour

Apne Mouh Miyaa Mitthu
acrylic and tempera on paper

That parrot was the brightest thing I've made in a long long while.
My parents are glad I haven't gone absolutely de-saturate in life.
And the other day I wore red pants..maybe there's hope for people like me in the world.

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