Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Absurd Highs

Hide and seek, the moon and clouds

New friends in strange whereabouts

Homemade crusty chocolate cake

Being silly for your best friend's sake

Wiping sweat after the garden is weeded

Familiar music when you really need it

Cool water on tired toes

LOoking into eyes from quite close

Various ways of breaking school laws

Standing together for a cause

Lines on the brow,scabby skin

That feeling when your team's about to win

Summer noons,secret nooks

stacks and stacks of comic books

Waving from trains at kids who greet us

The fingers of a preserved foetus

Making a face at whoever is looking

Pestering mum while she's cooking

Classmates who make you chuckle with tears

A diary from the pre-teen years

Your childhood crush answering the door

The part of the movie you'd never seen before

The story behind an amulet with the tiger claw

Finishing an impossible jigsaw

Dreaming in the moonshine, alone

Sweaters that smell of dad's cologne

Walking on the pavement without a clue

10 things I hate about you

Warmth within on Sunday mass

Winter's words on foggy glass

Encouraging nudges from the voice above

Abrupt instances in tales of love

A cackling grandma's crazy stories

Messy hostel dormitories

Flying pudgy hippopottom

Extra candy at the bottom

Striped grey socks

Curly baby locks

The last few miles

Knowing,single toothed smiles

Teasing eyes

The world. And it's absurd highs.

(i was eighteen when i wrote this, and i can't believe i'm 20. but i never want my number one things to change)

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