Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First attempt at animating with Aftereffects

The last course held in second year was Animation, wherein I learnt to animate using Adobe Aftereffects, a pretty cool and easy to use software. I spent a huge amount of time designing my characters and graphics, since I process hand-drawn images, but that was the fun part. Animating was stressful since I'm kinda slow. And whoa, the possibilities on this software are endless! Also, I have a bunch of geniuses for classmates, and i'm glad some of them continue to produce amazing animations.The soundtrack I picked was the first verse of Man of The Hour by Norah Jones.
Here's what went into My Cannibal Romance:

The Lady

The Man of The Hour or The One Who Eats Meat

cookie jars and skull candy

things suggestive of magic



food that didn't really make it to the animation

cooking pot with something green


Here's the final clip that I produced:

Or you can watch it here: