Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It is the easiest thing
To go missing.
It takes a second
Of loose footing
In the sinuous stream
Of entwined cogs,
It takes a distracted
Shift of the eye
To discomforting fogs
Of strange faces.
It takes the chasing-after
Of honking blurs in new places.
It takes the shared shock of strangers
In rooms with a tipping ceiling.
It takes the overlooking
Of a single hurt feeling.

It is easy to go missing.

But I will find you,again,
In this conundrum of give-way gears.
I will deafen it’s humdrum
For a familiar whisper in my ears.
It will take you the effort 
To look twice more
And recall my name.
This much I ask of you,
When I find you again.

Say you will, 
And I will whistle a song
To reach your ears
Over the city’s saucepan
And its senseless hissing.
Say you are, because I am.
And it takes two to go missing.


  1. Malvika,I loveeee this one.I'd never get bored of reading this again and again.

    1. = ) Thank you so much.
      And thank you for reading. I thought the blog was dead!