Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here's something my awesome friendandhousemate Kanika Kaul does on her gorgeous blog, to keep her followers inspired and believing in the creative gene that lies rusting in all of us. We were better off as cavemen, with the spontaneity to paint on walls when we felt the urge. Now we'd get spontaneously arrested for the same deal.

Bu-ut. Here's what spontaneously came to me when I saw the picture she posted for Joyous June, a blogathon where followers respond to an image that she posts for (and wow) every day of the month. The image for the day is..

My Post : 
You can lead the child to venom
But you can't make her drink.
You can bind her hair in tight braids
But you can't make her think
That braids are any better
Than the loose tangles that kiss her brow
And the surf mumbles to her toes,
The child knows
That even if her paint box has
Broken crayons,
She can sprinkle them on her desk
And transform them to stars,
That hand-me-downs will be vintage one day
Even if a little charred,
That there will always be colours in candy
More fun to swallow than your pill
The child is not yours to call
yours or to call ill,
That her anchors are suspended by
The yarn hair of dolls that stretches from
This planet to that,
That the things you see with open eyes
Aren't entitled to be facts.
You can draw a pail to drown her
Everyday in bone-chilling shame,
But she refuses to blink,
She'll force the taste of lemon pops
After every shock of zinc,
You can lead the child to water,
She refuses to sink...

Except, willfully, in 4000 years of ink. 

Thanks for the opportunity Kan. All the best, Joyous Junebugs!

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