Monday, June 3, 2013


In the light of the day,
I fear we are
Much too far,
You and I.

The charcoal waits to erode graciously,
Like a sugar cube on the tongue, 
In drawing the curves of a cat's tail
Or a still eyelash of the same girl
I've drawn since I was five. 

Instead, I pretend that the paper 
And my dusty, grey fingers are
Much too far,
Like you and I.

But when I raise my head
And the sun has set
Leaving no embers
Like my crumbling charcoal, 
I draw a line from my heart
Shooting straight into the sky
Where stars have waited for all of eternity,
One for each of our hearts.
And one for us to meet halfway.

So when the dots are joined
On earth and in the sky,
There we are,
Not so far.
You and I. 


  1. The symmetry in the physical appearance of the poem is well done.. and its shaped like a girl!
    And every stanza 'converging' to you and I.. brilliant!

    1. Thank you Harshad! I didn't realise that until you mentioned it = )