Friday, April 13, 2012

The Anytime Sandwich

It's past 2:30 and I'm hungry and I'm lucky that our PG fridge is well stocked.
So I will whip up (more like clumsily assemble) myself a sandwich.

Here's a list of my top 5 anytime sandwiches:

Egg salad (usually over-salted, with ketchup and chunks of cold butter. Eggs slices-cold and hard boiled)

Cucumber and cheese spread. ( Black pepper is the trick.Also, I don't get why some people grill their cucumber sandwiches. It loses the crunch and gets soggy. And anything with such high water content when grilled like that will stay hot for long and keep you waiting/burn the tongue.)

Haldiram's Sev Bhujia. (I mostly over-ketchup it. Always better with cheese. Like most things.)

PBJ (chunky, grape/strawberry/mixed fruit, with milk)

Tomato Onion and Cheese (My mum's usual midnight snack, I dunno why she abstains from onion and cheese?)

And if you go to Baroda, the Grilled Chicken and Cheese at Goodies' Cafeteria in Fatehgunj is what you should try out because it's made by Gods, is shaped in semicircles, NEVER seems microwaved and oozes with generous awesomeness. There're vegetarian alternatives and it comes with chips. I crave it quite often.

I also remember an amazing open face mushroom sandwich I ate quite long ago at The Tea Centre, Mumbai. It's such a wonderful place to sit in even if one isn't a tea drinker. Lots of great information on the walls.

Now, my top 10 reasons to eat a sandwich:

  1. They cover most food groups.
  2. They're messy and fun and require no cutlery (If I had it my way, no plates either)
  3. There's very little or no cooking involved so almost anyone can make one.
  4. There's so much room to experiment. And so many condiments to combine.
  5. They can be stacked or stuffed as high as one wants. It's great exercise for the jaw.
  6. They're a good way to make someone eat their crusts because they tend to ooze.

    (making sandwich)
  7. Some like it hot, some like it cold. There're ways to make them taste amazing either way.
  8. They're  a very easy way to disguise ingredients like leftover veggies, healthy greens, split chillies.
  9. They're the right size for a snack box, specially the snug, flat, squarish tupperware.
  10. Sandwiches can be split with friends. And in any number with no consequential loss of ingredients in any given part.
And late night hunger is reason enough and there're things waiting in cupboards and refrigerators to be consumed before sunrise. I decided to make a Bhujia sandwich. I had just what I needed!

With the exception of cheese spread. 

But it was delightful! Here's what we need:

Haldiram's Sev Bhujia. Haldiram's. Nothing else. 

Amul Butter (the butter was so soft right now, I could use it for icing! However, cold chunks are serendipitous fun)

Bread of choice.

Ketchup. Loads.

Sliced Onion  (optional, recommended)

Take two slices, butter one, spread cheese on the other. Mound first the onions, then the bhujia. Squirt ketchup. Slice into triangles and munch. Ta-da!

This sandwich has a joyful crunchiness to it and is very filling. It was something my mum would make for my brother very often for breakfast and like most tastes that I acquire as a hand-me-down, I developed one for these, I didn't think I had room for one and I just had two. 

Now that I'm fed.
I think I'll go to bed.

BUT...only after I watch this Dexter's Lab short: 

Always cracks me up.

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